Awakening Through Self-Compassion 

This 8-week class in Mindfulness Self-Compassion explores the teachings of Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Christopher Germer to offer guided, practical steps on becoming more loving, confident and less judgmental/critical for greater resilience, healing and lasting transformation.

Solfeggio frequencies will be integrated throughout the eight weeks to enhance participant and group alignment.

Begins February 2021 – 3rd/1st Wednesdays **In-person: Limited to 4 participants**
**On Zoom: Limited to 6 participants**
Time: 5:30-7:30 pm
Location: 8045 Big Bend Blvd, 63119
Cost: $44/class ($333/all 8 weeks)


Give yourself Self permission…

A somatic, frequency-minded gathering for She/Her/They to support and inspire mind-body-soul connection, and healing.

Participants are invited to: connect w/ their bodies through sound/frequency (music); notice, acknowledge and allow for energetic & emotional release; and ground their bodies safely through free movement! Music will be tuned to frequencies shown to be most compatible with human nature (no 440 hz ).

Chiron in Aries (Feb 2019-April 2027)
The gift of Chiron in Aries is increased inspiration and impetus toward greater: self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-love & authentic self-expression. This spiritually transformative energy will be with us for the next few years

Individually and collectively, Chiron in Aries is challenging us to: face and our inner woundings; trust the (r)evolutionary process of shadow work; and unapologetically embrace our need for embodied Self-care.

Begins February 2021 – 4th Wednesdays
**In-person: Limited to 10 participants**
Time: 5:00-8:00 pm
Location: TBD
Cost: $22


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