As humanity is learning to integrate the higher frequencies of the heart’s magnetism within our bodies, we are confronted with many personal and collective shifts. Due to the magnification of these heart-centered frequencies, many are experiencing these disturbances on a mental, emotional and physical level.

These experiences, usually mentally distressing and emotionally uncomfortable, are the birthing pangs of our individual and collective rebirth into a more heart-centered and interconnected state of existence.

For many, this gift of higher vibration (frequency) has initiated a greater capacity for awareness and understanding of consciousness, self-healing abilities, and a drive toward more authentic, embodied and truth-centered living. Navigating this journey can be both very beautiful and gut wrenching, but you never have to make the trip alone.

As you intentionally and courageously choose to notice your Self on a journey, you can re~member more of who and what you are, let go of narratives that no longer serve you, discover your innate healing abilities, and learn to experience more internal and external peace and joy!

Opening and allowing your healing process to unfold not only increases your ability to live more present and authentic (conscious), it also supports more genuine and truthful interactions with the rest of humanity and nature.  The higher frequencies of Love are where the healing can be found and Self-Love is the door you must enter to get there.

Self-Love can be a difficult to achieve given the lower vibrational states (shame, guilt, fear and anger) most of us continually cycle through and subsequently live from.  Self-Compassion can be a golden key to unlocking the door of Self-Love, which invites more of your observer Self to fully enter your mind-body complex.

Embodying more of your heart-filled Self can help you to feel safer and more connected to your free will and sovereignty, which allows awareness and appreciation of other’s sovereign free will.  Deeper embodiment can also reconnect you with the divine order and flow of your life.

With more awareness coming though the Self and less attention given to chatter of the mind, you allow for more authentic and purposeful creation and greater capacity to cut ties with guilt-ridden beliefs and fear-based thoughts.

Strangely, achieving “mental health” is more about experiencing inner peace.  As your beliefs and expectations shift to greater trust, compassion and infinite possibility, your vibrational frequency rises and your world opens up.

You are remembering, reclaiming and restoring your individual and collective power. The gifts of Awakening & Ascension are available to you always. Now more so than before, the energies have been greatly magnified, inviting many to trust/surrender to the unknown and let go to receive your Self as: magical, allowing, fertile, integrated and safe.

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