Pineal Gland Tuner

The Pineal Gland Tuner is tuned to the frequency of the pineal gland, to energetically reduce the impact of calcification, help to support improved sleep and more balanced mental states, and to strengthen trust in the divine Self connection.

As we age, and due to environmental toxins (polluted air/water, processed food, stress, addictions, etc), the pineal gland reduces in size to that of a pea (from a grape) through a gradual calcification process.

The pineal gland serves an extremely important role in the functioning of the body and in spiritual development, as it connects the edge of higher dimensions with our lower dimension. At the center of the mind-body-spirit complex, it is the primary storehouse of imagination and inspiration for creation.

It allows us to visualize or imagine scenarios, fantasies, memories, dreams or any other visual constructs. It is how you your “sixth sense” or “third eye” is experienced.

The pineal gland is also responsible for secreting melatonin, which is the hormone that induces sleep, and serotonin, which is the chemical that helps to maintain a happy, healthy balanced mental state of mind.

DNA/RNA Tuners

The DNA/RNA Tuners are a set of six tuning forks (4 DNA and 2 RNA). The tuners were designed to assist with the reprogramming of the subconscious and unconscious mind by helping to remove Self-defeating, negative patterns to triggers, and replace them with higher vibrational options for response. 

By activating DNA codes and rewriting those codes using the RNA patterns of higher frequencies, you can experience mode life from your higher Self (consciousness). The use of these techniques are done with the assistance of the Archangels.

Cytocine – 537.8 Hz – Archangel Raphael 
Adenine – 545.6 Hz – Archangel Michael
Thymine – 543.4 Hz – Archangel Gabriel
Guanine – 550 HZ – Archangel Uriel 

Uracil – Hz – Archangel Metatron
Phenylalanine – Hz – Archangel Sandalphon

The Pineal Gland Tuner is used at the end of these techniques to seal the higher frequencies into the pineal gland.