Angel Tuners

Angel Tuners clear space of lower vibrations and open the passageway to angelic frequencies. They are wonderful tools for creating mental space or pause in obsessive fear-based mind chatter that can cause emotional distress and loss of presence.

By vibrating your cranial bones, the Angel Tuners open the gateway for clearer insights and experiences. They can also be used to help release stubborn energetic blockages in the body.

These tuners enhance your connection to universal energy for manifesting inspiration and a meditative state, as well as connections with higher powers, visions, and creative expression.  The frequencies are 4096 hz, 4160 hz and 4225 hz.

Sun & Moon Tuners

The Sun and Moon tuners are weighted and tuned to the resonant frequencies of the two planetary bodies according to the Cosmic Octave (Hans Cousto).

We use these frequencies to connect with the spiritual energy and principles of the Sun and the Moon to create a powerful sympathetic resonance between yourself and the two celestial energies.

  • Sun @ 126.22 Hz enhances our sense of strength and motivation, self-identity, vitality and radiance and promotes enthusiasm and determination.
  • Moon @ 210.42 Hz promotes emotional tranquility, softness, inward reflection, sleep, and a flowing flexibility with life.

The joining of these frequencies balances masculine and the feminine energies within the mind (consciousness), and also provides the body resonance for greater physical alignment.

They are helpful for dispersing energies of confusion, indecision, resistance and procrastination/stagnation.